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Run for a Cause - PEPA's Nature Fun Run at the La Mesa Ecopark

The clouds were overcast and  the rains didn’t stop …. but these did not hinder the PEPA Fun-Run last July  28, 2018 at La Mesa Ecopark, Q.C. The morning was filled with laughter and smiles of the two hundred and twenty–four (224) runners despite the rains …  perspiration mixed with  rain  trickled down each runner’s face yet everyone tried to finish the lapse.


The morning activity commenced with a welcome speech by Mr. Anthony James Coralejo who is the chairman of the Sports Committee.

The Fun Run would not have been completed without the sponsorship of the following: ABIVA Publishing House, Inc. for the water tumblers, BRILLIANT CREATIONS Publishing, Inc. for the baseball caps, CDM Builders Corporation and VICARISH Publication & Trading for the sound system. for the sound system,  CURVES (Magnolia branch) for the Zumba activity , PHOENIX Publishing House, Inc. for the face towels, REX Book Store for the first aid marshals, ST. MARY’S Publishing Corp. for the sports bags.


Winners and Prizes for the 3K Run

Prizes: Fun Run T-Shirts, Sports Bags, and Face Towels

            Marlon Magno – Vicarish                        Jimmy Gallardo – Diwa

            Jonas Quillo – Diwa                       Dominique Tuy - Rex

            Vivian Ayat – Abiva                       Ricardo Calimag - Rex

            Roger Mendayao – Diwa             Jesusandro Andojan - Rex

            Michelle Mercurio – Diwa           Wilson Parriol – St. Augustine


5K Run (Winner: St. Augustine Publishing)

Prizes: Fun Run T-Shirts, Sports Bags, and Water Tumblers

            Jeric Veloso                          Jaymark Datuin

            Ariel Ortega                         Adrian Allen Sarcilla

            Eric Villasino                        Ricardo Escarcha

            Eric Delos Santos                Renante Maravilla

            Leo Almonte                        Jun Plandes


10K Three-Man Relay (Winner: Rex Book Store)

Prizes: Fun Run T-Shirts, Sports Bags, and Baseball Caps

            Allan Joe Linghap , Edwin Sumilhig, Jun Reyes


To cap it all,  a zumba activity was done  to cool down everybody before the closing remarks of the PEPA President, Mr. Jose Paolo M. Sibal.

The activity ended successfully and each participant went home happy and contented but more importantly  camaraderie  was enhanced.

 Acknowledgement with gratitude is also extended to  all those who helped make the activity successful… to Ms. Tina Barrios, the Staff of Brilliant Creations Publishing and Ms. Gwenn Jessica Galvez.