Message Fr. President


Message From The President

Dear PEPA Members,

Your new PEPA officers, with yours truly at the helm, gear up for 2018. This year's theme "Proudly PEPA" shall highlight the association’s commitment to you, its members, and the different external stakeholders we serve.”Proudly PEPA” also presents our collective pride. It is a commemoration of PEPA’s achievements as well as a homage to the members and past officers who worked hard, to get us to where we are now.

Each of us, PEPA member, is critical to the success of each endeavor our association takes. Together, we shall carry on the torch and proudly continue the legacy of uplifting the educational publishing industry, in collaboration with the various stakeholders.

May we deliver a lasting and meaningful contribution and make our predecessors proud.


proudly PEPA! 

Jose Paolo M. Sibal

Philippine Educational Publishers Association